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SPONSORED BY HIRING234.COM: Afropop sensation and winner of the 2010 edition of MTN Project Fame; Chidinma Ekile has released a new single for her fans. In this economic recession, the lyrics of Plenty Melody; a hopeful, inspirational song about achieving success and wealth will resonate with a lot of Nigerians.

Produced by Mystro, the beat, lyrics and Chidinma’s vocals blend well together to produce a feel good song with an infectious rhythm that is sure to be a fan favourite.

Following her amazing performance at the 2010 edition of MTN Project Fame, the beautiful singer emerged winner and promptly began her music career signed to Illbliss management company, Goretti Company.

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SPONSORED BY YES434.COM: RICKETY, unkempt, neglected and dangerous are a few of the words to describe the road. As a first time visitor to the area, you are welcomed by loads of waste polythene bags littering the street. Interestingly, on the same road, which experts say would require less than N5 million to fix, is an old and seemingly abandoned structure, where a whopping sum of $9.7 million and £74,000 cash was hidden.

Since the discovery sometime last week , Chikun Road, in Sabon Tasha, a suburb of Kaduna metropolis, has become a tourists’ attraction, with the people trooping to the place to see where such huge cash was found. Prior to the unusual discovery, the road, and indeed, Sabon Tasha, was a sleepy and quiet community that hardly attracted such attention.

It will be recalled that operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) last week stormed the house allegedly belonging to a former Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Andrew Yakubu, where they discovered $9.7m raw cash in a fire-proof cabinet. According to the anti-graft agency, a special operation conducted by its operatives on a building belonging to the former NNPC boss in Kaduna, yielded the recovery of a staggering sum of $9,772,800 and another sum of £74,000 cash.

“The huge cash was hidden in a fire proof safe. The surprise raid of the facility was sequel to an intelligence report which the commission received about suspected proceeds of crime believed to be hidden in the slums of Sabon Tasha area of Kaduna. “On arrival at the facility, the caretaker of the house, one Bitrus Yakubu, a younger brother to Andrew Yakubu, disclosed that both the house and the safe where the money was found belong to his brother, Andrew Yakubu.

“When the safe was opened it was discovered that it contained the sum of $9,772,800 and £74,000.” Meanwhile, Andrew Yakubu reported to the commission’s zonal office in Kano on Wednesday and made statements wherein he admitted ownership of the recovered money, claiming it was gift from unnamed persons. He is currently assisting the agency in its investigation.


When The Nation visited the area, it was observed that the building is not one of the finest in the area and is habited by tenants, a status which made it difficult for people in the neighborhood to suspect such large amount being stashed in the structure. It was also observed that, except for the value of its land, the structure which banked the multi-million dollars is not worth more than N4 million itself. Its old zinc roof has turned chocolate brown, while breeze has started lifting a sheet from the rear. The building can only be categorised as a second-class structure in the area, as it has no drive-in for its occupants, but two pedestrian gates, one in front and the other at the back.

Its tenants, as at the time of the visit, were seen going in and out of the building as if nothing had happened, just as owners of shops attached to the house equally opened for business. Though, they declined comments on the discovery for fear of victimisation, both the store owners and living tenants in the house were obviously not happy with the development. But residents of the area, who spoke with our correspondent, expressed their disappointment.

While, some cursed the former GMD, others pleaded that the money be brought back to develop their community. The common features in the area are untared roads, bad drainage system and collapsed culverts. Though, with facilities in place, electric and pipe-borne water are not regular in supply in the community. Residents said, though the former GMD seldom comes around, his younger brother, Bitrus Yakubu, who lives in the neighbourhood,has never been of any financial assistance to the community in times of need.

Some of the angry residents described the owner of the money as a wicked fellow, saying it would have been better for him to keep the money inside one of his GRA houses, not in the midst of people who struggle for survival. According to a neighbour, who identified himself as Uncle Sam Koro, he had once asked the former GMD Andrew Yakubu for a favour of N20,000 to pay his rent, a plea Koro said Yakubu turned down, even as his security aides pushed him away.

“I was here when the operatives of the EFCC came and ordered the younger brother of Andrew Yakubu, Bitrus, to open the door, and they came out with the fireproof safe and they opened it, only to discover hard currencies there. “I was so amazed. And this is somebody I once asked for help from. I am talking about N20,000 to pay my rent. He said he didn’t have money and before I could say jack, his security guards had pushed me away, right in his presence. So, when this issue of money happened, my encounter with him quickly came to my mind.

“Everyone in this area is feeling bad about this development. I will advise that the government re-invest at least 20% of that money in this area. So, his case should be used as example for others to learn from,” Koro said. Another resident, who owns a welding workshop about 20 meters away from the dollars building, said he wished he could smell dollars like he smells his electrode when welding, saying he could have been the one to blow the whistle and get five percent of such huge amount. “If I had smelled it, I would have at least reported to EFCC and get my five percent like they said.

At least, that would have changed my life for better till I die. I would just open a big factory, where I can fabricate marketable materials in commercial quantity, build myself a reasonable house and some others to hire out to people. “I am not happy about the development; at least if the man had helped the community, people would have been sympathising with him. But now, nobody is sympathising with him,” he said. Another resident, Godwin Alfa, a graduate of Electrical Engineering, said: “Imagine me going out of our compound to fetch water.

We have tap water, but the supply is not regular. The same goes for electricity; we don’t always have light and when we have it, it is usually low voltage. “So, the point I am trying to make is that, with all these problems, while we have not even started talking about roads, hospital and the rest, but someone kept $9.7m in this community without considering assisting us. Like myself now, I am a graduate. I have HND in Electrical Engineering, married with two kids, but I have no job. I am just managing here and there. If the man in question had invested that money, at least, if am not lucky to be employed there, other graduates like me would have been employed.” Jerry D. Ishaya, in his own words, said: “If you have kept a large sum of money somewhere, whether you got it legitimately or illegitimately, bring it out and invest it for the people to benefit.

Don’t call for sympathy from the poor who needs it. There is a great lesson to be learnt from the $9.2million saga. “In the PDP manifesto that I read, there is no looting. If anyone is caught looting, let him face the law. After all, EFCC was established by PDP.” Another resident, Mrs. Shila Musa, said: “Those stealing our commonwealth and making us languishing in abject poverty will not no peace. Just imagine, an amount that is enough to resuscitate the ailing textile industry in Kaduna in the hands of one man, ‘Allah ya isa’ (God will judge).

“I am a Christian and I know that in a situation like this, some people will be blindly supporting this kind of person. But the question is of what benefit has his loot been to Christianity? So, Nigerians must wake up and fight their common enemies looting our treasury irrespective of their religious or ethnic affiliations,” Mrs. Musa said. Meanwhile, while the people of Sabon Tasha are waiting to hear what becomes of $9.7m and another sum of £74,000 cash taken away from their community by the EFCC operatives, they are hoping that their community will have a share of the hard currencies to change its status for better.

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SPONSORED BY CHIQUEMAGAZINE.COM: At least two persons died and several others were injured when a luxurious bus plunged into the Majidun River, Ikorodu on Friday morning.
Officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) and other rescue agencies have been battling to save the victims.
At the time of filing this report, 7am, bodies of two of the passengers in the bus have been recovered, while several others injured.
Evacuation of the victims was still ongoing, according to the General Manager LASEMA, Adesina Tiamiyu.
He said: “The incident happened at Owode Elede after Mile 12. The luxurious bus had a brake failure and lost control. It dived into the river. Several people were injured, two people are dead. Evacuation ongoing.”

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Track: Range Rover
Produced By: Akwandor
Mixed By: Rufilio
Records Label: X360 Records
Playing 24/7 on radio station for the nation
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•Says, “You can teach your husband if he’s not good enough”

SPONSORED BY KODUGA.COM...THE CLASSIFIEDS ADS WEBSITE: Nollywood actress, Chinazo Ekezie, will tell you she was born with the acting DNA in her system even though she has struggled so hard to rise through the ranks in the movie industry. In this interview with Star Tracker, she talks about her take on the Nigerian movie industry, sexual harassment, premarital sex, love and sentiments people attached to marriage. BY ROTIMI AGBANA How did the acting craft begin for you? I started acting as a child. I started doing stage plays when I was about 8 years old, so I’ve always acted. But I started acting professionally between 2009 and 2010. Before then, I had done some school plays and gone for some auditions, but between 2009 and 2010 I decided that this was what I wanted to do.

Since you started acting professionally, what has been your fascination with the movie industry?

Well, I can’t really tell but what I can tell you is that in recent times there has been a lot of growth in Nollywood, it’s no longer the normal things that were obtainable. Nollywood has grown, it has opened up and it’s opening more, it’s giving more young people the opportunity to do their thing, it’s no longer one sided unlike before. Film making generally fascinates me, I didn’t really have the flair to be a film maker until maybe three years ago, but now whatever I look at I want to make a movie with it.

Is it true that the movie industry has been taken over by prostituting actresses?

Well, I can’t know about every other actress, I just know that some people take this job seriously, it’s a career for a lot of people, so if there’s any form of prostitution going on in the industry I don’t know about it. Once you say you’re an actress, the next thing they ask you is how many people you have slept with. I seriously don’t know if it’s happening. Chinazor Ekezie

You mean you have never been sexually harassed by a producer or director?

No! Nobody has ever sexually harassed me, but there are a couple of people that have asked me out on a date, including directors and producers. If that is sexual harassment then I don’t know because they did it properly. I’ve never found myself in that position, and maybe that’s because I don’t rush things, I also don’t plan to be in all the jobs, I get what I get and the ones I don’t get I’m okay with it. Desperation can make anyone do that but in my case it has never happened.  

Have you dated an actor before?

No, and I cannot because I have this thing for privacy, yeah, I love privacy a lot, and my job has made it that I have to be out there, so I don’t want to be with someone who is out there too. I would want a safe place where I can run back to all the time; you know, I see it that I should be with someone who is not into entertainment at all, someone who is not even interested at all, that’s what I like.

What’s your ideal man?

A man who listens because I can talk a lot sometimes (Laughs). He has to be a God-fearing man, if he fears God, there are some things he can’t do. A God-fearing man doesn’t mean a man who is going to church but a man who has fear of God. I also want an understanding man; if he reads something bad about me in the papers or on the internet he won’t conclude, he would like to find out first, and when I say something about it to him he would believe me.

Can you marry a poor man?

Are you talking about a man who doesn’t have money at all for basic things or what? (Laughs) No, I can’t marry a poor man, it’s not right to marry a poor man; I am a woman, I need to be taken care of, I need to be cared for. When I say I need to be taken care of I don’t mean I want to be travelling around the world all the time. When a woman depends on a man, when a woman has a shoulder to cry on, when a woman has someone she can talk to about things that hurt her and stuffs like that, it makes a woman a better person. Women are just created to be cared for, yeah, believe it or not. We function better when we have someone who can at least help us out with 70% of our daily needs.

What is your take on premarital sex?

You want my pastor to call me on the phone, right? But I will tell you the truth now, growing up, we were always taught that we shouldn’t have sex, we shouldn’t do anything before marriage, but now that I know better, or now that I’m grown and with the kind of experiences that I’ve had, and that of other people, I think it’s kind of important to have premarital sex. Seriously, because you have your lifetime to spend with this person, so I think it’s important you need to find out what they like, how they like it, if they like it, if they are teachable, because some people will tell you that if you don’t like how your husband makes love to you then you teach him. A lot of men are not teachable, a lot of men think teaching them how to make love to their wife is a crime. Yes, a lot of men think it’s a crime for a woman to say don’t do it this way, do it that way, aren’t you a woman, why should you have a preference? A lot of couples’ sexuality don’t match, no matter how hard you try, and once you marry and you are not having good sex I don’t think you will be happy. I don’t think any woman would be happy if she’s not having good sex with her husband, it’s crazy. And if I’m to spend the first 6-7years teaching you how to have sex with me, I’ll be frustrated.

What would you do if after marriage your husband becomes impotent?

Marriage is for better, for worse, because I expect that if I get married now and I have issues with fertility, my husband will stand by me, so yeah, I will stand by him. When there is any situation, no matter how tough it is, it’s sorted by love, family pressure is secondary, if you let family pressure affect you, you might even lose your love for your husband. I think two people who are ready to work things out, ready to spend the rest of their lives together should build a wall around their relationship.

What do you think is responsible for the recent urge for actors wanting to produce their own movies?

Nollywood has opened up, there is opportunity for people to market their movies without going through people anymore.  Now, you can do it yourself, you can even have your own YouTube channel.  It basically revolves around making money. I’ve have co-produced a movie, but it’s not out yet, I also intend to produce a movie someday, but I need to be to be very sure that I’m ready.

Have you ever found it difficult to come out of a character you played in a movie?

Yes, it happens to me a lot. There was a time I played the role of a stutterer, after we finished shooting the movie, I kept stuttering for a whole week, I couldn’t stop it, I found it very difficult to. There was another role I played where the girl was always tilting her neck to one side, after the movie shoot, I kept tilting my neck for like a month just the same way I did while playing the movie role.

What are the most challenging moments of your acting career?

I remember as an upcoming actress, and I mean way back, when we were nobodies, when we needed to prove ourselves that we could act;  back in the days when they had to pair us in a room, three or four girls in a room, I had to put up with a lot. You can imagine being in a room with four other people and at some point not getting paid after a stressful job, producers will tell you “What is your problem?”. The not getting paid part is quite sad; I won’t lie to you, because we had to make money out of this craft. But a lot of people still don’t believe that someone who plays one or two scenes should be paid, that is one thing I would love for us to correct in Nollywood. But then again, that was my challenging stage as an actor, when you don’t have enough money but you still find a way to rush to the audition ground and then rush to the location and you’re thinking that by the time you are done with 3 or 4 scenes you are going to get money, nobody will answer you, but not any more now, I get my money before I leave my house, (Laughs), with the price of fuel! Hell no!

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SPONSORED BY YES434.COM: PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari, on Thursday vowed to end corruption in all ramifications in the country, saying looting of public funds, bribery of public officials and other vices associated with corrupt practices constitute more than half the real problems of the nation.

He spoke through the Minister of State for Education, Professor Anthony Anwukah at the launch of an anti-corruption campaign, tagged “The Value Project” in Abuja.

The anti-corruption campaign organised by the Federal Ministry of Education in collaboration with a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Youth Health and Social Reforms (YOHESOR), was designed for building a corrupt-free generation through education, value re-orientation, skills training and awareness creation in primary and secondary schools across the 36 states of the federation and Abuja.

Speaking against the backdrop of recent recovery of billions of dollars from former public officials and the general endemic corruption in the country, President Buhari said he strongly believes that ending corruption would lead to a new Nigeria.

He said his administration had made it clear in the last one year that Nigerians must join hands with his government to kill corruption before corruption kills what is left of the country.

Buhari said: “I am personally delighted to be associated with this initiative as it borders on the anti-corruption campaign of our administration but this time from the perspective of our school children.

“I stand to be corrected but I strongly think that if we get it right with corruption, we almost will get it right with the new Nigeria of our desire.

“In the last one year of this administration, we have made relentless efforts to make our position clear that we must all join hands to kill corruption before corruption kills what is left of our dear country.

“I have no doubt in my mind that the vices associated with corrupt practices, such as budget padding, miracle exam centres, sorting of lecturers, contract inflation, looting of public funds and bribery of public officials, constitute more than half of the real problem of this nation.

“I therefore, urge everyone who professes genuine love and passion for this unique country called Nigeria to support this government in its drive to change the orientation of Nigerians, particularly the children about corruption and its attendant social vices,” he said.

The president said he saw the anti-corruption campaign project as a high social and moral impact investment for the children.

National Coordinator, Youth Health and Social Reforms (YOHESOR), Dr. Ijeomah Arodiogbu, in his remark, said Nigeria was suffering from corruption induced poverty.

This, he said, had made most people to conclude that there is no future for the children, adding, however, that Nigeria could be saved through the project.

Meanwhile, the Minister of State for Education, Prof Anwukah in his address, which was read on his behalf, said the battle ground of the anti-corruption crusade led by President Muhammadu Buhari was now shifted to primary and secondary schools for practical impact.

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YES434: Diezani loses $153m to govt

SPONSORED BY YES434.COM...THE BUSINESS DIRECTORY: The Federal High Court in Lagos yesterday ordered the forfeiture of $153million allegedly belonging to former Minister of Petroleum Resources Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke to the Federal Government.

The Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) said the money was laundered for the former minster.

Justice Muslim Hassan held that the money was a product of unlawful activity.

The judge ordered the forfeiture of unclaimed N23.4billion, $5million as well as $40million (the naira equivalent of which is N9.08billion).

EFCC said the laundered money was $153million, some of which was converted to naira.

“I am satisfied that all the conditions in Section 17 (1) of the Advance Fee Fraud and other Related Offences Act have been met,” the judge held.

The section makes a property that is reasonably suspected to be proceeds of unlawful act forfeitable to the Federal Government.

Justice Hassan had on January 6 ordered the temporary forfeiture of the money stashed in various banks.

While the N23.4billion and $5million were unclaimed, a bank chief, Dauda Lawal, claimed the $40million (which was worth N9.08billion, when it was forfeited to the EFCC).

Lawal had accused EFCC of falsifying the circumstances under which he surrendered the N9.08billion.

He denied ever being in possession of properties suspected to be proceeds of unlawful activity held or laundered on behalf of Mrs Alison-Madueke.

Lawal said following his arrest on May 9, 2016, he cooperated with the EFCC and made a full admission to having received $25million.


“Having provided evidence to the EFCC of how the $25million so obtained had been disbursed, I was still made to agree to surrender to the EFCC an additional sum of N9.08billion being the naira equivalent of $40million at the rate of N227 to $1,” he said.

On how he got the money, Lawal said he received a call from a personal friend, Stanley Lawson, around March 2015 to help collect $25million from someone in Lagos, which he subsequently paid into an account provided for him.

 ”I had no idea of the origin of the said funds and only acted in the course of normal banking business,” he said.

But, Justice Hassan held that the evidence before him showed that Lawal surrendered the money to the EFCC voluntarily.

“He was duly cautioned. He signed. He made the statement in the presence of his counsel, who endorsed it. I hold that the statement was made voluntarily.

“There is no evidence that he borrowed the money from friends. How he borrowed the money was not disclosed,” the judge held.

After ordering the final forfeiture of the unclaimed N23.4billion and $5million, he said: “In respect of the second respondent, learned counsel informed the court that the second respondent filed a counter affidavit on why the sum of N9.08 billion should not be forfeited.

“I have carefully examined the affidavit evidence before the court and I find that the second respondent was duly cautioned in English language before his statement was taken and so, I hold that same was taken without any evidence of inducement.

“On the whole I am satisfied that all the conditions stated in Section 17 of the Advanced Fee Fraud and other Related offences Act was duly fulfilled by the applicant.

“I accordingly make the following orders: An order for the final forfeiture of the sum of N23,426,300,000 and USD$5million being unclaimed property to the Federal Government of Nigeria.

“An order of final forfeiture is made to the Federal Government of Nigeria the sum of N9,080,000,000 recovered from the second respondent being proceed unlawful activity,” the judge held.

Before the judgment, Lawal’s lawyer, Charles Adeogun-Phillips, had informed the court of an application for leave to file further affidavits to his counter-affidavit.

He also said parties were exploring means of reaching amicable settlement out of court.

Adeogun-Phillips said he wanted to supply fresh evidence in a further affidavit as to how his client raised the money he forfeited to the EFCC.

“The issues are material to the disposition of this case, because he did not provide details of where he borrowed the money from,” he said.

EFCC lawyer Rotimi Oyedepo, who claimed he was not aware of any discussions to settle the case out of court, opposed Adeogun-Phillips’ application, saying it was a bid to arrest the judgment.

Justice Hassan refused the application, saying it was an “after-thought” and a “booby trap”.

He held that no convincing reason was adduced as to why the evidence was not supplied earlier.

“This fresh evidence, in my view, is an afterthought and is intended to overreach the prosecution and cause injustice.

“The instant application is unmeritorious and is hereby dismissed,” Justice Hassan held.


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SPONSORED BY YES434.COM: ABUJA- SENATE President Bukola Saraki who left Nigeria in the early hours of yesterday to visit President Muhammadu Buhari in London, has described the President as healthy and no cause for alarm.

In a statement he personally signed and made available to Journalists at 11.11 pm yesterday, read, “Myself, Rt Honorable Yakubu Dogara and leader of Senate, Senator Ahmed Lawan paid a visit to President Buhari in Abuja House in London.

“We were delighted to see that President Buhari is doing well, was cheerful and in good spirits.

“The president I saw today is healthy, witty and himself“The presiden’ts absence and imminent return shows that there is no vacuum in government and our system of democracy is working with all organs of government fulfilling their mandate. And let me use the time tested cliché, there is no cause for alarm!”

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EFCC gets go-ahead to seize Yakubu’s $9.772m, 74,000 pounds

SPONSORED BY BUY656.COM: A LIST of suspects who will face trial over the $151million and N8billion found in fictitious bank accounts is in the works, The Nation learnt yesterday.
On the “long” list are bankers and civil servants, Attorney-General of the Federation Mr. Abubakar Malami (SAN) said.

He declined to name the suspects but stressed that the government is interested in knowing how the funds were sourced and lodged in the accounts.
Malami, who spoke with our correspondent from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, said: “But investigation is in top gear and I will not want to jeopardise it by giving out names of those affected.”

Pressed for more comments, Malami said: “I am not certain of the number now but it is huge because it involved a syndicate.
“The culprits include civil servants and bank officials who all connived to stash away these recovered monies.”

He stressed that “no businessman was implicated but the suspects, who are many, are mostly civil servants and bank officials”.
Another government source said the suspects would be named in court when charges are preferred against them.

But there were strong indications yesterday that a commercial bank had written the Federal Government, owning up to the lodgment of $136,676,600.51 in a fictitious account with it.

The bank has promised to remit the slush funds into a dedicated account provided by the government.

The government official, who pleaded not to be named because of “the sensitivity of the matter”, said: “Before the government released the fact-sheet on the recovery of $136,676,600.51, it got a letter of from a commercial bank owning up that the cash was wired into a fictitious account in one of its branches.
“The bank also made a commitment to remit the seized cash to a dedicated account which has been provided by the Federal Government. We are expecting the refund from the bank any moment from now.

“We have the required evidence from the bank with the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation(OAGF).”
The government source spoke on the investigation, saying “it is almost completed”.

He agreed that Nigerians were eager to know the suspects, but insisted that “we will release their names only after charges have been preferred against them in court”.

Also yesterday, a Federal High Court sitting in Kano, presided over by  Justice Zainab B. Abubakar, ordered the forfeiture of the US$9,772,00 and  £74,000 by a former Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC),  Mr. Andrew Yakubu, to the Federal Government.

The order was sequel to an ex-parte application by the EFCC seeking an interim forfeiture of the recovered money to the Federal Government.
A statement by the Head of Media and Publicity of EFCC, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, said the ex parte application was moved by Salihu Sani, counsel to the applicant.

The statement said: “In her ruling, Justice Zainab held that the sum of $9,772,000 and £74,000  which are now in the custody of the applicant (EFCC) are in the interim forfeited to the Federal Government of Nigeria.”

“On the 3rd day of February, 2017, operatives of the Commission had stormed a building belonging to the former NNPC boss and recovered a staggering sum of $9,772,000 and £74,000 stashed in a huge fire proof safe. On February 8, 2017, Yakubu reported to the Commission’s Kano Zonal Office where he admitted being the owner of both the house and the money recovered. “Yakubu is still in custody assisting the investigation.”

The  Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed,  on Sunday said the “whistle-blower policy has started yielding fruit as it has so far led to the recovery of US$151 million and N8billion in looted funds”.

He said: “The looted funds, which do not include the $9.772 million in cash allegedly owned by a former Group Managing Director of the NNPC (which was also a dividend of the whistle-blower policy), were recovered from just three sources through whistle-blowers who gave actionable information to the office of the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation.

“The biggest amount of $136,676,600.51 was recovered from an account in a commercial bank, where the money was kept under an apparently fake account name, followed by N7billion  and $15million from another person and  N1billion  from yet another.

‘’When we told Nigerians that there was a primitive and mindless looting of the national treasury under the last Administration, some people called us liars.
“Well, the whistle-blower policy is barely two months old and Nigerians have started feeling its impact, seeing how a few people squirreled away public funds.

“It is doubtful if any economy in the world will not feel the impact of such mind-boggling
looting of the treasury as was experienced in Nigeria.

‘’Yet whatever has been recovered so far, including the $9.8million by the EFCC, is just a tip of the iceberg.”

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SPONSORED BY YES434.COM: The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) yesterday arraigned Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) Vice-Chancellor Prof. Adebiyi Daramola and Bursar Ayodeji Oresegun at the Ondo State High Court in Akure for alleged N156.9million fraud. Daramola and Oresegun were invited in October by the anti-graft agency, following a petition by non-teaching staff.

The embattled VC was arraigned on a nine-count charge and the bursar on a two count charges. Daramola was alleged to have obtained N17.3million for accommodation allowances from 2012 till last year whereas he was living in government quarters.

The VC was accused of collecting N15.4million for biennial family vacation overseas for 2013 and 2014.
Daramola and Oresegunpleaded not guilty. The VC’s counsel, Adebayo Adenipekun, asked the court to give his client bail, saying he has been on administrative bail and has not breached any of the conditions. Ibukun Fasanmi, who represents the second accused, aligned with the submission.

EFCC lawyer Ben Ubi objected, saying the defendants failed to place material facts before the court. Justice Ademola Bola granted bail at N10million each.
He ordered them detained at the State Investigation Bureau (SIB) in Akure, pending when they meet their bail conditions.
There was drama at the court’s main entrance as hundreds of workers clashed with students, who were in court to solidarise with the VC.
Security operatives intervened and normalcy was restored.

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